What surf lesson is right for me?

SurfABLE Scotland offers a fully inclusive range of surf sessions suitable for all. From mainstream (non-assisted) groups, assisted groups, and 1:1 lessons (for surfers who require a higher ratio of support). 
Occasionally, you may see also paddle-board lessons available in place of surfing, where tides, conditions, and locations, are more appropriate for paddle sports. 

The choice between assisted and non-assisted lessons takes into consideration many factors including age, water confidence, independence, and any additional support needs.

Assisted Lesson 

Surfer – Instructor ratio 5:1
This group is suitable for anyone who requires additional support and has the space within our ratios for a parent or carer to join and support their surfer during the lesson. Support from SurfABLE Scotland volunteers where/when available will be prioritised to these sessions. This group is also ideal for our younger surfers aged 5-7 years.  

Non-assisted Lesson 

Surfer – Instructor ratio 8:1
This group is suitable for anyone looking for group surf lessons within a mainstream sport and activity setting. This group is suitable for surfers aged 8+

1:1 Lesson 

Our instructor led 1:1 lessons are available only to those who require a higher ratio of assistance at all times, and subject to instructor approval prior to booking. 
These lessons are tailored to meet each individual’s needs with a range of enabling surfing styles and adaptive equipment.   

Now you have a better understanding of which lesson to book, please click on the ‘Book Now‘ link below. If you have any questions, please get in touch with Kev on 07938 214165 

When you book a session, you will receive a confirmation email containing a link where we require you to complete a ‘Surfer Information Form’ for each attendee. Please ensure you complete this, as it saves us time in chasing you for it.
*NB Non completed forms may result in us cancelling your booking.